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Thursday, February 02, 2012

On the Silver Couch: Ylva Ogland

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Artist Ylva Ogland

Tell me the story of your life in 140 characters:
Born in the north of sweden 1974, a nomad since then. lambs / communism / one thousand and one night /heroin /cannabis /Caravaggio /counter urbanization /anthroposophy /painting /Francesca Woodman /chanel /black magic / azalea / Sibylla -  les contre espaces

What's your comment on the outburst of alter-egos and identities online? 
Diversity creates openness and magic things happens 

How would you define the era we live in?
Transcendent (searching, openness), decadent (luxury everywhere as an ideal, as marxism when i was a kid - consumption), sadness ( the earth's resources - transformed used changed, torture, domestic violence, genocide, rapes, child abuse), democracy (still existing but not ruling enough) , animalistic (the animals are tired of being used, killed and tortured) joyfulness (the right to enjoy life, to let time fly)

Read in greek via LIFO

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