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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Angelo Foundation School of Music at EMST

The new project of the Angelo Foundation is  the creation of a hybrid space  
at EMST's media lounge, taking the form of a music school.
It is curated by  Stamatis Schizakis.



Central element of The Angelo Foundation School of Music will be three interactive websites



and a program of musical workshops during the summer, offering a 
range of possibilities of creative cooperation between different individuals.
More soon

Special thanks to people:
Paolo di Landro for the vestment uniform
 Victoria Deliyianni for the installation help 
Qin Chuan, for additional coding
Mai Ueda, for reading Robot poetry
Semeli Economou, for reading Robot poetry
Kimberley Norcott, for reading Robot poetry
Rebecca Camhi gallery, for various help
Gloria Maria gallery, for various help
Chrysanthos Panas, for various help
Sylvia Kouvali, for various help
Armen Abrahamyan, for coding consulting

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