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Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the Silver Couch : Ivan Maria Vele


Ivan Maria Vele

-In 140 characters describe me your identity..
I am a vast multitude of identities.Obsessive dreamer and sensually pragmatic. I am only scared of boredom while I don't believe in death.

-Do u agree the empire of the internet is more superior, humane and
"real" than any other physical authority?

I never obeyed to any authority-family, state, church- while I believe the web is somehow a superior organic force dominated by US- the users/contributors. corporate forces are trying to kill the net by regulating it with repressive laws. in some cases the lack of electronic freedom=lack of democracy. indeed the net is also changing lifestyle. Arts and fashion are available to all while the punk ethics of d.i.y. has finally prevailed. would you have believed that in 1977? The future is no future!

- What about the "empire" of Berlusconi.. Italy?

I left Italy in 1994. I couldn't accept Mr B, the former fascists and the Lega Nord -suddenly in power.This dangerous lobby of "piduisti-mafiosi-clowns" has procured italians an heavy "ethical damage". They promised a fake blue dream of renaissance and what we've got is only a squallid kingdom of corruption. it is indeed very difficult to contrast these criminals but sooner or later our collective consciousness will prove to be stronger then their lies.the way forward is cultural dissemination. it is through the application of severe cultural paradigm shifts that we will prevail.

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