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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My interview on Cream Magazine

I gave this interview few months ago for the 5th anniversary of Hong Kong based magazine Cream

Would you please make a list of five things that can tell us about your personality?

curious, social, pleasant, paranoid, loyal

What books do you have on your bedside table?

These days I read New Yorker, Frieze and a vintage book of optical illusions

What usually is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up?

What time is it?

What kind of music do you like?

I look whatever it pops up on MySpace because new things are always interesting

Do you like travelling? Which country do you like most so far? Why?

I never stay for than 2 months in my base, I am kind of superstitious with this. I travel as much as I can. Travelling is wisdom, This year I went to Brazil and Japan. I loved Brazil because it was sexy, Japan ‘cos was so civilized, so much different from the west. I could possibly move there for a while.

Where do you work on your projects? At home? In your studio? At a café? During travel?

Everywhere. I am creating art on the internet so this is quite easy. I just need a friendly and peaceful environment.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From things I find in the city, the internet, books and of course my dreams

You have joined the Neen Art Movement since 2001. Can you tell us more about it?

Neen is an idea that was initiated in 2000. Since then it has brought together some internet neo-romantics. Neen is an abstract concept and it can be described as a sort of computer-related abstract poetry. People who do Neen are happy to abuse and “play” with technology without making a statement out of it as “new media” or “net art” usually do. Neen it is also a sort of a lifestyle. The main form of expression so far are websites. These websites are usually flash animations of strangeness, poetry and abstract feelings.

Do you find it hard to be an artist nowadays?

It is hard, but it is not bad to struggle anyway. Hard times can be inspiring. They can bring change and a new perspective.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you recently?

I moved to a big and pleasant apartment in which I work so much better. I also live and work in the same place so it is very important to be happy in it.

Is there anything that you're afraid of regarding the future?

Becoming old and boring together.

Please ask your close friend to use one word to describe you, and let us know what that word is.

I asked my friend Mai and she said “angelo is angelo”

Where is your favorite place to go when you spend time with your friends? What do you do there?

A new place is my favourite place. It is strange- I also discuss it with my therapist, I feel

very familiar when I am in new places. In the contrary I become gradually unfamiliar with places I have been before and spent time. I always go on vacation to new places.

Are you still in touch with your childhood friends? Is there any interesting story about someone you remember well?

Yeah I do see my old friends and I am always open to meet new ones.

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is honor.

Do you write letters/send postcards anymore?

No, it is just another nice old habit that eventually has expired. I love blogging my travel experiences and share it with my friends.

Do you have a blog or myspace? If yes, what do you normally share on it?

I have both and I am quite happy with them. Especially my blog ( is part of my everyday life. I am quite addicted in a good way. Sometimes I think if “I don’t post, I don’t exist” It is nice showing new things, sharing information and getting feedback for them. If you read my blog you will get to know me. It is very personal and quite real. I want to keep my blog for many many years. MySpace is funny too, you find new music and people but too fashionable to exist in the future.

How obsessed are you with the Internet?

I create art on the internet, I make business on the internet, I met my longtime relationship on the internet. Internet is not my obsession, it is my world.

Nowadays, it seems we are losing the precious intimacy through genuine communication due to the fact that we are more and more reliant on Internet. Do you agree? If so, what do you think we can do to improve this?

Internet has brought a new perspective to human relations. People use MySpace and Facebook to meet and create friendships and relations in the same way you meet somebody for example at a bar without the stress and uneasiness that will be usually encountered. The internet is just the first step to break the “ice”.

Could you briefly explain why you choose to send us that item which you think best represent CREAM?

I think CREAM is an emotional playful creature.

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