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Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't mess with the Pirates

The Pirate Party logo

It smells a little bit of China in Sweden these days. ThePirateBay.Org is widely considered one of the biggest file-sharing websites (bit-torrent trackers). Last week the Swedish police raided 10 locations across central Sweden, shutting down the popular file-sharing site. In response to this, the Swedish police's main Web site,, was shut down Thursday night, apparently in a revenge hacker attack. The police site came back online Friday night, but late Saturday, the main Web site of the Swedish government also buckled for several hours under a crash. By Saturday, The Pirate Bay site was mostly online again and it remained operational yesterday. The supportes of Pirate Bay have formed a political party called of course the" Pirate's Party". Since this act, the party has already doubled it's members. One of their mottos :"A hundred years ago we were Christians, today we are file sharers."
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